Maple City Physical Therapy

Maple City Physical Therapy is here to help. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we’re able to provide optimal care for everyone that comes to us. Our friendly professionals have extensive experience working with people from all different types of backgrounds and possessing numerous needs, so we’re extremely well-equipped to handle any situation. And, with a fitness center to give you the physical resources that will help you achieve improved fitness, as well as enhance your overall quality of life, we’ve got the resources to match our expertise.
Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, general weakness, or tendinitis, we’re confident that you’ll see an improvement in your quality of life when you come see us. In fact, those aren’t the only things that we’re experienced in — we specialize in the examination and treatment of patients with a wide variety of neurological or musculoskeletal rehabilitation needs, including people with conditions such as:
Joint replacement, Spine pain, Examination and treatment of athletes, Joint and muscle pain, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Sport-related injuries, Balance and vestibular dysfunction

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